Reduce the time and costs involved in physical property valuations — without increasing risk.

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Hometrack’s Valuer increases your valuation capacity without increasing your exposure to risk – so you can service customers faster and more cost-effectively.

The Valuer desktop appraisal system combines comparables evidence with market analytics - all in a risk-managed process. 

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Boost capacity

Low surveyor capacity means challenges for lenders to process mortgage applications promptly. AVMs can help, but aren’t always the right solution. Valuer delivers risk-managed valuation capacity, so lenders can service customers faster.

Tailored process

Valuer delivers faster valuations or area-based pricing analyses without increased risk. Built for accuracy, it includes over-valuation alerts and tools to help with comparables selection. You can customise Valuer’s business rules for different applications.

Fast and cost-effective

In many cases, Valuer can replace expensive, time consuming physical valuations of residential property – without increasing risk. It’s a fast and cost-effective way to serve your customers better.

More customers, faster.

Lenders use Valuer to quickly and cost-effectively expand their valuation capacity, and service their customers at speed.

It’s another Hometrack innovation that gives you a real alternative to physical property valuation.

Automated Valuation


Hometrack's Automated Valuations are used by 17 out of the top 20 UK mortgage lenders. Find out why.