The world’s first transparent, online platform for trading mortgage portfolios.

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HLIX is the first web-based trading platform for buying and selling residential property and mortgage loan portfolios. Powered by Hometrack, it offers transparent, private, secure transactions – with a reduced due diligence cost.

Interested in HLIX?

Visit our partner HLIX to find out more and to make an appointment with their team.


Our HLIX team has an enviable track record. HLIX combines their expertise in portfolio analytics and technology to create a more sophisticated process for trading portfolios.


HLIX combines market experience and unique analytics to segment portfolios and help you optimise price and saleability.

Reduced transaction risk

HLIX brings portfolio owners and portfolio buyers together in a highly secure online trading platform. HLIX cuts the cost of due diligence and the risk of a transaction not proceeding.

Transparent transactions

HLIX is used by lenders to auction large and small mortgage and other asset portfolios. It lets them free up capital efficiently and anonymously.

Buyers can benefit through access to a transparent transaction, with clear market pricing.


Fast, accurate, cost-effective residential property portfolio valuations – backed by Hometrack’s market-leading AVM.