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Instant online access to localised residential market analysis – designed for analysts, development and policy teams. Make more informed investment and policy decisions and benchmark between areas, with Hometrack accuracy.

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If you’re in the business of housing, whether as a provider or an investor, you need independent local-level information that you can rely on when making decisions.

Housing Intelligence gives you instant online access to the vital local-level information and analysis you need – such as prices, rents and affordability – fast and cost-effectively. It includes unique datasets and lets you drill down from national right down to street level.

Don’t waste time and money on external consultants – get the business-critical information you need, all from the one place. That’s why over 80 of the largest social housing providers use Hometrack to stay on top of their markets. 

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Market intelligence at your fingertips

Get online access to hard-to-find local information, right down to street level. With over 250 data types, our localised market analysis covers all the important variables – including prices, rents, turnover and affordability – giving you the evidence at hand to benchmark and compare areas, scrutinise proposals and make more informed decisions.

Unique data

Housing Intelligence brings together information you won’t find elsewhere, such Hometrack valuations, local census figures and affordability metrics.

Local-level analysis

Housing markets operate at many levels, from national to local. Relying on city or regional averages is risky but on the other hand it can be difficult to access quality analysis at a localised level. Housing Intelligence data is available at nine geographic and statistical levels, so you can make smarter business and strategic decisions.

Save time and money

Don’t waste time searching across multiple sources, or engaging external consultants, to get the information you need. Housing Intelligence has built-in analysis on key themes so you can produce consultancy-style reports from our data in minutes. You can even export data for further analysis or to use in your organisation’s existing systems. Work smarter with Housing Intelligence.

Local market intelligence, designed for analysts

Housing Intelligence helps our housing provider and investor clients to:

  • Make better planning and investment decisions — based on trends in local housing markets, detailed £/square foot analysis and street-level comparables
  • Assess opportunities and benchmark between markets
  • Optimise prices and inform re-let appraisals
The system is very easy to use. It gives us data we can’t access elsewhere, and saves a significant amount of time by collating other data sources and presenting them at varying geographical levels.

Sally Davies, Housing Strategy

Newport City Council


Track 20 vital housing market metrics at local level and make more informed decisions.