How do lenders manage the business-critical property risks in their mortgage book? They turn to Hometrack.

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Hometrack’s enterprise-grade analytics and accurate collateral valuation services help lenders accurately identify and manage residential property risk. Our independent, objective insight gives you the evidence you need to make informed business, provisioning and policy decisions, and drive strategy. Our automated valuation products reduce costs and build extra capacity for growth, with no increase in risk.

Save money and manage mortgage risk

We help lenders cut costs, save time and reduce the risks associated with valuing properties as part of a mortgage process.

  • Fast, accurate valuations — improve customer service and reduce processing times
  • Automated valuations — replace costly physical valuations, while minimising risk
  • Desktop valuation service — cost-effectively increase your valuation capacity, within a risk-managed framework
  • Failsafe solution — identify over-valuation cases which have a higher probability of turning into future losses

Understand mortgage portfolio risk for more accurate provisioning

Regional house price indices are often used to re-state loan-to-values across residential mortgage portfolios. However, applying a single regional index to a portfolio of properties across different local markets can lead to inaccuracies — some of which are very significant indeed.

Clients use our Portfolio service to replace indexation. This delivers an accurate, current loan-to-value for each property, and enables enhanced risk management and more accurate provisioning. Our Portfolio Risk Analytics service gives you a tailored analysis of areas of risk within a portfolio.

Improve Treasury and funding decisions

Our Portfolio and Portfolio Risk Analytics services give you the information you need to enhance collateral stratification and pool selection to assure collateral quality in covered bonds and RMBS packaging.

Based on Hometrack’s AVM  — reviewed by all three rating agencies and used in 45 live RMBS transactions — the accuracy of our portfolio services allows you to apply smaller price discounts (‘haircuts’) to collateral placed into a rated funding structure. This delivers better overall funding treatment than using house price indexation.


Whole loan portfolio trading made simple

Mortgage portfolio trading is often an opaque process. HLIX is an online auction platform which combines portfolio valuation and market analytics within a transparent auction process. It lets you trade residential loans and assets efficiently, with increased certainty of execution and designed to deliver the best price.


Introducing Valuer, the next generation in mortgage processing efficiency. Boost capacity, without increasing risk.