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Hometrack unpicks the collateral underlying your investments, giving you access to precise analytics.

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Hometrack’s services are used by specialists in structuring, advisory, whole loan trading and primary and secondary investment. The accurate data we provide helps them analyse underlying collateral, as well as making better investment and funding decisions. We also simplify whole loan portfolio trading.

More accurate collateral valuations

Mortgage portfolio models often use regional house price indices to re-state loan to values on a loan-by-loan basis. But applying a single regional index to a portfolio of properties across different local markets results in inaccuracies. Unfortunately, the anomalies can be quite significant.

Hometrack helps you improve the accuracy of mortgage portfolio models in two ways:

  • Our Portfolio service replaces indexation, and delivers an accurate property value from which to calculate a current loan to value for each property. This enables more accurate appraisals and risk assessment.
  • If mortgage portfolio models can only work on indexation, Hometrack measures the indexation bias – in turn this allows for model calibration. We also supply highly-accurate, localised indices to replace regional indexation.

Market analytics to underpin investment decisions

Hometrack gives you access to information you won’t find anywhere else, including a range of bespoke residential market analytics. This ‘board-ready’ data helps to inform investment decisions and assess risks for project finance and funding decisions.

Whole loan portfolio trading

Mortgage portfolio trading is an opaque process. HLIX is a new online auction platform which enables portfolios to be segmented into individual pools which can then be marketed to an investor audience -  with the aim of achieving the best possible price. This transparency and clear audit trail lets the seller demonstrate a process orientated gaining the best value for money. 


The world’s first transparent, online platform for trading mortgage portfolios.